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Knee Braces

Knee braces are often recommended to support the knee and limit its movement after an episode of pain or injury. Knee braces are also used following knee surgery to support and stabilize the knee as it heals. There are different types of braces that serve different needs.

An unloader brace benefit those with arthritis confined to the medial compartment of the knee. It helps realign the knee so that more load is borne by the outer compartment.

A hinged knee brace provides support while healing ligament injuries or after ligament repair surgery. It may be locked or unlocked to immobilize the knee if necessary.

A Neoprene brace can provide support for a weak and painful knee cap. Neoprene sleeve-type braces provide warmth and compression which can ease swelling.

Wearing a knee brace also provides a psychological benefit and serves as a reminder to take care of your injured knee during any activity.